Getting Started.

I figure that none of these will ever get read and that is fine, I suppose. However, I would love other wrestling fans to read these posts and begin conversation with me. Not arguments but fun and enjoyable conversations about professional wrestling.

First, I’m going to talk about myself really quick. I am 21 and I’ll be 22 in 2 months. I am currently in college and should be an accountant in 1-3 years.  I live in Indiana as a musician with my parents until I finish school. I’ve been playing music for a while now and people tend to tell me that I’m pretty good but I’m in school so I have a more certain plan for my life.

Secondly, I would like to explain what part wrestling plays in my life. I want you guys to understand how much of a fan I am and I’ll go in-depth in my next post about specific people and my further understanding of the business.

Like most wrestling fans, I started watching as a kid. I would say I started watching in the late 90’s. I was not supposed to watch wrestling at home but I still would. My brother and I, who is 23 (turns 24 in 3 days), would always switch from WCW Monday Nitro to Raw is War but for us, WCW was first.  We had the WCW coloring books and I even found a really old picture of Sting that one of the two of us had drawn when we were kids.  We loved Goldberg like most kids were supposed to and the NWO were cool but bad. Always thought of Hulk Hogan as black and white, not red and gold. I do not remember any matches that stuck out to me growing up or when I stopped watching for the first time but eventually I stopped watching.  I might have stopped watching once WCW was sold to WWE but I do not know for sure.  What I do know is by the time I had stopped watching, I loved The Rock and Steve Austin. Didn’t really get what was intriguing about Mankind or Eddie Guerrero but people cheered for them. Sting was always mine and my brother’s favorite.

Wrestling slowly faded out of my life. Not for long, though. My first memory of watching wrestling live on television that sticks out to me is the return of Shawn Michaels and learning the Triple H was the person that broke his back.  The next was Kane unmasking.  Those moments got me watching wrestling again because for me, storylines were always the most important thing.  I continued watching and became a huge fan of Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy.  Things Jeff did were so crazy, of course I would enjoy watching him.  By the time Kurt Angle was gone Jeff became the only reason I was still watching. Eventually, CM Punk and Jeff Hardy had their rivalry, the cage match on Raw, and Jeff’s career was over just when it was getting somewhere. I hadn’t watched again until recently.

For the longest time, I would watch wrestling occasionally but I still never understood what I was watching.  Learning wrestling wasn’t real along the way. I couldn’t comprehend why so many people watched something that was completely fake. It was a soap opera with live fake punching. My mom would say it is stupid, fake, and ridiculous. Other members of my family would say it’s weird watching nearly naked guys grabbing each other for absolutely no reason.  This all matters eventually, stick with me.

This brings me to when I started watching again.  Growing up with The Rock it was most definitely a big deal when he returned. I heard about it but didn’t really care too much about it the first time. I did not watch Wrestlemania when he hosted and interfered in the Cena/Miz main event or even the first Cena vs Rock.  However, I was just sitting around, being bored on a Sunday in April and I knew that Wrestlemania 29 was going to be on that night but I didn’t really care. As I continued to be bored that day, I decided that I would watch Wrestlemania to see Rocky vs Cena. I streamed the event and watched an amazing match between CM Punk and Undertaker. I guarantee that if CM Punk had won that match, I would have never watched a single match ever again and this would never even be a conversation. (Hated CM Punk because I didn’t understand the wrestling business and I loved Jeff Hardy). Still, I felt something special was happening during this match and I saw the way the crowd reacted and the respect I always had for the Undertaker and Paul Bearer made me cheer on Undertaker more than I would cheer on a sports team.  The Cena and Rock match was also very good.  I had to find out what the big deal was. I needed to know just how “fake” wrestling was. I wanted to understand why people felt so connected with the spectacle and why wrestlers choose to be wrestlers.

Sorry that went on so long, but to quickly end this, I have since learned the in and outs of the business. I understand the psychology of wrestling matches, I love Mick Foley and Eddie Guerrero now. Goldberg no longer intrigues me. I don’t hate CM Punk because he forced Jeff Hardy to leave WWE (I dislike him for many other reasons). I look at heels and faces in the same way and judge superstars and divas on their ability to talk almost as much as I judge them on their ability to wrestle.  If you can’t wrestle very well, I don’t care about what kind of storyline you are in right now. Work on your wrestling. I love the art of wrestling. I watch documentaries and read autobiographies on wrestling. It is no longer a soap opera, fake, or ridiculous. It is still nearly naked guys grabbing each other but I understand the reason. My mom still tells me it is fake but I am no longer afraid to fight her when she makes fun of me.

It is not fake. It is very much real.


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